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Checkout the architecture demo

Real-Time Visualization video

About us

Who we are

AfterGlass is a Real-Time Visualization Studio located in Argentina, Costa Rica and USA, composed of talented as well as experienced professionals in varied fields such as Graphic Design, Programming, 3D Art, Web Development, Marketing and Architecture.

What we do

Why show a static render or a video when you can create a more personal, dynamic and memorable experience for your client? We take your vision and turn it into a fully interactive, 3D real-time visualization. In a nutshell, we make your ideas come to life.

How we are different

We thrive on perfectionism, always striving towards making the very best user experience possible. Beautiful creative designs, rock solid performance, top-notch technology, user friendly interactivity and an exceptional attention to detail are the things that set us apart.

Know More About AfterGlass

Our passion for innovative product development keeps us in a perpetual state of self-improvement and upgrade. The following are some of the features we offer to elevate your experience even further.

Our software applications are multi-platform, and run on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android systems. Compatibility can even be extended to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, if required. Product support for other platforms is in progress, including HTML5 and Linux.

Carry your virtual worlds in your pocket, take them directly to your customers or anywhere you want. Android and iOS devices are supported so all projects can run on tablets and smartphones.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that allows users to step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds. Now you can truly immerse yourself in your creation to "live and breathe" among the 3D environments around you. Dimensions, textures and colors will feel more real than ever.

The Process We Follow

Discuss your idea

It all starts with an idea. Bring us your project plans and we will provide you with a custom proposal that suits your specific needs. Our world class designers will procure interactive design concepts, visual aids, sketches and storyboards to help define the project strategy.

Next Step

Planning & Design

We begin the modeling process, which means analyzing your requirements and defining the best approach to translate your idea to a 3D layout. This part of the pipeline involves research, planning, design and construction of the 3D space to create a general, raw overview of what the final application will look like.

Next Step


The Development stage is mostly technical. All the software programming is carried out in order to construct functionality and behavior for the populated 3D world. The creation of interactivity, animation, menus and user interfaces take place during this phase.

Next Step

Full Build

We bring the worlds of coding and digital art together, the result being a real-time interactive application. All 3D elements are finished and their behaviors set to ensure proper interaction. After this unification, although not yet complete, the original vision of the project is finally realized.

Next Step

Adding final touches

At this point, the system is completely functional. We apply the last changes and corrections, polish every nook and cranny to achieve a great level of detail, and optimize graphics and algorithms to ensure utmost performance.

Next Step

Testing & Delivery

The final stage is all about testing the application thoroughly in every platform, running QA tests and making sure it all works as it is supposed to. Once ready, the project is packaged, delivered and guaranteed to impress.

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What better way to show what we do than to let you see it for yourself? Please try out our real-time visualization projects to see what it's all about.

Architecture Demo

Real-Time visualization of a luxurious condo, showcasing render-quality graphics as well as user interfaces to interact with various types of furniture.


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Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions or to request additional information.